In this spring issue, we find five contributions. The first three contributions have a common theme: “What I want is your happiness.” Accompaniment of young people today. They are the written reflections of some Salesians brought to the Forum Salesianum 2022.

The Forum Salesianum is the continuation of the Colloqui Salesiani, an experience that began in Europe in 1968 as a meeting of Salesians with an academic background and interested in studying Don Bosco and Salesian life to be able to offer contributions to the solution of practical problems connected with the life of communities. In the summer of 2022 the Forum Salesianum was held in Valcocco Turin.

Next year, at the end of summer 2024, the Forum Salesianum will be held again. Keep an eye on the Forum's website for more info: Salesian Forum 

The first contribution is by Louis Grech, Salesian of Don Bosco (Salesian Accompaniment in Contemporary Western Society: Challenges and Opportunities). He writes about the challenges and opportunities of Salesian accompaniment in contemporary Western society. This is an interesting contribution that makes the link between the heritage of the Salesians and how this heritage continues to have significance and value in society today.

The second contribution is of Carlo Loots, Salesian of Don Bosco (Being a Guide and Companion for Young People Today). In his article, he focuses on the person of the accompanier. He himself is the main instrument of accompaniment. Loots indicates some basic attitudes of the accompanier and points out some of the pitfalls that he or she can fall into, as well as some myths that need to be debunked.

The third contribution of this issue is by Wim Collin (My Beloved Son: Accompaniment by Don Bosco in the Letters to Some Young People). Like Louis Grech, he writes about accompanying young people from a Salesian perspective. Collin analyses the accompaniment from a historical and spiritual standpoint. He explores the ways in which Don Bosco, in his correspondence and letters to young people, gave suggestions on how to become a good Christian and a good citizen.

The fourth contribution of this issue is by Sister Barbara Poredoš, daughter of Mary Help of Christians (Preventive System vs. Positive Youth Development: a Comparative Analysis of Both Approaches). In her original contribution, she explores parallels and differences between the Salesian education system, Don Bosco's preventive system and “positive youth development”. This contribution shows how close the different “education systems” are to each other and how they can complement each other perfectly.

The last longer contribution is by Stefano Maggio and John Puntino (Father Filippo Rinaldi: Teacher of Salesian Holiness). Puntino made a translation of the eighth chapter of Lo spirito di Don Bosco nel cuore del beato Don Rinaldi, Conferenze e scritti (The spirit of Don Bosco in the heart of Don Rinaldi, conferences and writings) published in 1990. This chapter, thanks to the dedicated work of Stefano Maggio, explains to us the deep bond with Don Bosco and the spirituality of his third successor.